Erinn Williams

Age: 39 Date joined IWM: Saturday, June 01, 2013

Erinn Williams
  • Total Pounds Lost: 20
  • Biggest Non-Scale Victory:

    All that I have learned about nutrition- it affects so many parts of my life!  I do Crossfit all the time and knowing how to be strong without being bulky is really important to me and now I eat so much!  But I know what to eat to keep my energy up and stay healthy and strong.  

  • How was your first week on the program?:

    I was so motivated when I started that my first week wasn't bad.  I still find it hardest during times when I don't have a schedule or routine.  Weekdays are easy for me because they're structured whereas weekends I have to find distractions so that I don't eat from boredom.  

  • What has been your biggest struggle or fear and how did you get through that (big events, vacations, etc.)?:

    I was so afraid to go to phase 3 and maintenance.  I did not want to gain the weight back that I just worked so hard to lose.  But Coach April assured me it would be fine, and it totally was!  I make sure that I don't go to events or activities hungry.  Scheduling when I eat is a priority and everyone around me knows it.

  • Please share any tips or advice you may have for other clients?:

    I was not a big veggie eater prior to doing IWM.  I stuck with green beans for month before I would venture outside of my comfort zone.  Identity your biggest weakness and be proactive about it.  I always roast trays of veggies on the weekends so I can have them during the week.  I don't eat much, but I know that's a challenge for some people.  I think you're more apt to be successful if you're making your own meals.  Eat the 80 was helpful with that when I didn't have any time to make my own healthy dinners.

  • What do you look forward to as a life change in maintenance?:

    I really think that eating healthy and being knowledgable about how food fuels my body will help me to have a longer, more active life.

  • What role did you health coach play in your success?:

    April was and still is awesome.  Three years later and I still check in with her, either with appointments or text messages.  April was never judgmental, but was always honest.  I need that accountability with the understanding that life happens!

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