Lindsay Smith

Age: 43 Date joined IWM: Sunday, October 31, 2010

Lindsay Smith
  • Total Pounds Lost: 30
  • Biggest Non-Scale Victory:

    My perspective on intake and nutrition has I think, "food is fuel first, then for fun."

  • How was your first week on the program?:

    The first 3 days were tough.  It was mind over matter. Keeping a food journal helped. I made a cravings list. The first day I thought about 30 foods I wanted; day 2 wanted 15-17; day 3 wanted 10.  I noticed the cravings left and that the wide variety of foods that Ideal Protein offers were very helpful with the cravings. I also noticed how much better I felt at the end of the first week. 

  • What has been your biggest struggle or fear and how did you get through that (big events, vacations, etc.)?:

    The biggest struggle was staying on phase 1 the first few weeks without cheating. There was no fear as I was at a point in my life I knew I had to make some major changes.  I survived parties and events by eating prior, bringing or ordering food I could eat and saying no when I could not. If people asked why I wasn't eating cake I replied "because, I can't or that I didn't want any." Saying no isn't hard for me at all. I know I look and feel better when I do.  

  • Please share any tips or advice you may have for other clients?:

    Cravings are the hardest. This too shall pass. Stay busy and focused on other things. Look at the big picture and understand you are undoing physica,l mental, emotional, and spiritual habits that are not healthy.  Understand that Rome was not built in a day. It is truly a mental choice and then actions take over. My motivation was my long-term health so that I could be a good mom for my daughter. Find your focus and stick to it.  And, why would you want a cheeseburger to win anyway?  

    If you do deviate, it's okay for the moment, meaning don't beat yourself up.  Understand It is not okay for the big picture and you're undoing all your hard work up to that point. One should stay motivated, remove guilt when you fall off the wagon, and do whatever it takes to resume efforts.  It will take a lot of time energy and effort. Hardest part is getting started. Best thing you can do is make a choice to begin. Just do it!

  • What do you look forward to as a life change in maintenance?:

    Food no longer has me at hello. I choose to eat consciously. Nutrition and long term health are the priority. 

    When I have a "fun day" it's a cognitive non judgemental choice. I enjoy the "fun food" and there's no guilt attached. I'm aware of my actions, cause/effect and consequences. 

    I love my junk. I'm very selective.  On fun days, I plan my food and enjoy it. I've learned even when I cheat, I don't eat as much and can walk away. I've also learned that less really is more. Instead of a binge, it's controlled, and you don't feel bad when you're done,  because of guilt or over-eating. 

  • What role did you health coach play in your success?:

    Accountability!  Critical and important. Setting an example and supporting, even when I didn't make a good choice. Kindness and understanding. Love me some Natalie!

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