Teresa Scott

Age: 56 Date joined IWM: Friday, November 30, 2012

Teresa Scott
  • Total Pounds Lost: 30 lbs
  • Biggest Non-Scale Victory:

    Elimination of junk food and empty calories from my diet.

  • How was your first week on the program?:

    I believe I had a pretty good first week. The challenge that week was understanding what was appropriate or not, and not necessarily listening to what other family members thoughts was appropriate.

  • What has been your biggest struggle or fear and how did you get through that (big events, vacations, etc.)?:

    I have been through lots of big events and holidays and I have successfully navigated my way through those days. The biggest struggle is when I travel - particularly through airports. I know to take some healthy options with me so I won't go hungry.

  • Please share any tips or advice you may have for other clients?:

    For me, I had to make up my mind that this was a life change and not just about losing weight. At
    that point, I wanted to be taught how to make the change. I know that if I overdue something one
    day, that I need to be sure and watch myself the next day so I do not fall back into bad habits. I keep
    some meal replacement packets on hand for just in case.

  • What do you look forward to as a life change in maintenance?:

    I have been in maintenance now for over a year and have stayed off my blood pressure medicine. I
    have more good days than bad from my fibromyalgia and just feel better overall. I do not miss or
    crave things.

  • What role did you health coach play in your success?:

    Vital role - I learned a lot from her, I felt encouraged each week as I learned things I was doing wrong, or things I needed to do differently. Having accountability each week was good to help me, especially in the early stages of withdrawal from sugars and sweets. When I struggled with physical changed in my body, she was a great help on trying to find healthy solutions. I couldn’t have achieve my goal without her.

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